Quick Guide:

  • Minimum order size: 500x500mm (Or a combination of smaller surfaces that would add up to 25000mm2)
  • Maximum **Single object** size: 2500x1400x1400mm
  • Minimum detail thickness for details deeper (height<0,3mm): 2mmm
  • We review the model and check if the desired thicknesses would meet our production quality standards.
  • Concrete is not the right material for very thin extrusions. We may recommend using other materials in those cases.

Customise your order

Our products always match your style.
There are infinite variations to each object.
After you have identified your desired dimensions for the shape:
  1. Select colors, patterns and finish of the surface
  2. Select the colors of metal components
  3. Position images on any surface
Read the product options for more information.

Basic Table Shapes

Table Shapes